& Lincoln

I met these two for the first time on their wedding day. I don't know what was cuter, 
their love, or the fact that they have two 'mini-mes' as proof. 
"adorable doesn't cover it"

Aimee isn't like many people I have ever met.

With total confidence she enquired and booked with us after a few short emails. 

As she, Lincoln and their little family live almost 10hrs away from us, the first time we actually met was on the day of their wedding.


As you do, I asked her

"So why did you choose this place to get married when you live so far away,"

And she replied, 

"Well I saw the venue at Osteria and just totally fell in love. I knew it was were I wanted to get married... and so this where we were going to get married,"


I haven't met many people who just follow their passion so fully and are totally confident about what they are doing. 

After knowing them for a day, you can see that this is what is so unique about how Lincoln and Aimee do life together. 

They are total team mates with their parenting and don't let the small things stress them out. 


I'd like to say that I already knew key to a happy life is,

"Don't sweat the small things,"

but seeing and being a part of their wedding day solidified that it is simple truth.

It was a day full of  sun, smiles and a whole lot of love. 




Thank you so much, we are so lucky we had you guys do it for us. 

Completely IN LOVE. 

Cannot thank you enough! Brings back all the memories and Haven loved watching it!!!"