Alex & Bianca

In my experience, there are two exact moments during a wedding day that I believe are representations of the highest forms of love.
"I give you these two as evidence"

The first kind of love is when a father speaks of his child.
I am not yet a parent, so I cannot fully know the depth of this type of love.

However, when you listen to a father talk about his daughter with such love and protection in his voice, it is not hard to see the depths and power of this kind of unconditional love.


The second is watching a man waiting for his bride. 
When he sees her in all of her perfection, something amazing happens where there could be no one else in the room, and the significance of protecting and loving this treasure eternally burns like the warmth of the sun.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding before, you’ll know that this moment radiates to everyone around.


What an incredible way to start off 2019. 
And what an incredible moment to be a part of.