bobby & nakita

To all those people who think high school romances don't last, just take a look at these two below to be proven wrong.

I will say that I believe the mark of true, enduring love that lasts a lifetime, is when you meet a couple who seem like they have been together for only a short period of time. 
It's when they still look at each other like they are the only person in the world, and their relationship is so open and unhindered by the dramas of life. While I was photographing these two, it was evident to me that they will be just as in love, whether it be tomorrow, or 70 years from now. There is something so clearly inseparable about them.

You know there is something significant in looking through over a 1000 images, and in every single photo, seeing the genuine kindness just radiate out of these two people. 
I wish you endless love for the rest of your days together.