brendan & kaylah

I have this theory that when you meet a couple, if they are easy-going, kind and joyful, their friends and family will be exactly the same. I present to you exhibit A. I remember thinking the first time I met Kaylah and her mum, "YAY! They're both so nice it kills me a little."

In all seriousness though, there are so many things I could highlight from this perfect day but my favourite being the moment when Kaylah's parents (watching proudly from the sidelines) said -

"Would we be able to get a photo with our car when you're done, because we drove on our own wedding day".

So above you will find the image that shows that if you take care of it - love doesn't age, but appreciates in value and is able to last through generations.

It was an honour to be there and I wish you both every happiness in the world x