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Our Process

We believe that booking your photography and videography is AS BIG a choice as finding the perfect dress.

To us, the experience of booking a company and having a wedding should be one of excitement, understanding and support.

Below you'll find our step by step process for booking, along with all the info on how we conduct the months leading up to your special day.  


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We draw up a booking agreement with all the times/locations/details for you to read over and check



You get to experience it all over again. 

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In my experience, being a bride is

a little bit challenging, a little bit stressful

and more than anything, a time where questions should be asked.

*so don't be afraid to flick us an email with your questions, we are more than happy to help out*

When I got married to the love of my life in 2017, it was the biggest career changing moment for me, as for the first time, I got to experience what it was like to be the bride. When I got married I had a very clear idea of the vision I had.

And needless to say once my wedding day had come and gone, I reflected on the things both on the day, and in the lead up that I would have done differently.

Therefore, TODAY, the foundation of my business is to create not only beautiful work, but help my brides have the most magical day, just like we have been dreaming of since we dressed up in our mothers wedding dresses.




Before you've had a wedding, you can't really understand what this day is actually like for a bride.

Having previously worked in the wedding industry I thought,

"yeah, I've totally got this".


Needless to say,


I'd like to tell you a funny story of how preparation and support is the most important thing when you are a bride.


I title this one, expectation vs reality.


One of the most important things that I wanted to experience on my wedding day was having my bridal prep along the following lines; 

my girls and I having a laid back, stress-free morning where we listened to triple J and ate raspberries with champagne while getting our hair done. 


Picture this. Absolute PANDEMONIUM. Half dressed people running around looking for their clothes. My phone going off every 5 seconds from vendors setting up. Me, THE BRIDE, answering questions about where this is, when we have to be here and there etc. My poor grandma trying to steam my dress from a hot shower in the bathroom because we forgot the steamer. And on top of all of that, running off of about 5HRS sleep because I had been setting up my reception with my maid of honour until 2am the previous night. 

There are several choice phrases I could use to describe this moment, but I think the words, "it was absolutely bananas", will suffice. 

Now to give you a little more context, I had a DIY wedding where we literally did everything from collecting and painting 150 wooden chairs, to shopping for 150 plates in KMART before the wedding day. We organised personal caterers, bought our own lighting, collected hundreds of mason jars, picked up free couches off of gumtree and catered all of our own grazing platters etc. Being a creative, I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do in regards to styling. And although it was a lot of fun doing these things, I didn't have a entire 2 years to do this. We had about 6 months to put this all together for 150 guests.

This was my first mistake. DO NOT RUSH YOUR WEDDING PLANNING.

My second mistake comes in the form of BEING THE ORGANIZER.

Now my philosophy on life is, "if you want something bad enough, you can do it if you're prepared to work hard" . For me, this has been a pretty simple concept and therefore I go the extra mile in everything I do. HOWEVER, realizing that not everyone is like this was a big awakening moment that unfortunately happened during the lead up to my wedding. As I am usually the one to do the organizing and execution of various plans, I am usually the only one who knows how get things done fast. On your own wedding day YOU DO NOT want to be this person. Being the "organised person" at a wedding is a job for SOMEONE ELSE TO DO. In fact, I would even say that it is a job for a good support TEAM. 

I spent my entire day telling people what to do, where to go, take this there and bring those things here. Looking back, if I could've given this massive role over to a team of responsible people to execute my vision, I would've been able to sit back, relax and actually just lap up the attention like you are supposed to. 

Lastly, I got the wrong dress.

I feel like this is pretty self explanatory but in the simplest forms, I was a budget person and the thought of spending 'that much' money on a dress was repulsive. 


After this experience, I personally think that if you are really set on a certain dress, you should just buy it, wear it like the princess you are, and then sell it afterwards if you want to get your money back. 

To be honest, I don't think I really knew how much I cared about my wedding day until after the event.

In saying all of the above, I had a beautiful wedding day where certain moments were above and beyond what I could've hoped for. Most importantly, I got to marry the love of my life - and he is a dreamboat.

As much as this sucked back then, I really value this experience now because it makes me fully understand what serving is and how important this moment is, even if we downplay it for everyone else.

Take it from me, you want to treasure this entire experience and also all the months that lead up to it. So do yourself a favor and treat your vision and yourself  with the highest care.

Georgia x  


some helpful advice



As a bride, it is super important to fully understand what your are expecting your wedding day to be like. What your dress will look like, what your venue will be like and how the food will taste. Once again, preparation is key and talking to others can really help you fully understand what it is you want. As a creative myself, I know what it is like to have thousands of ideas bouncing around in your head, however, fully mapping out your vision can be such a great tool when it comes to making sure that when your wedding day has come and gone, it was everything you dreamed it would be. 



Even the best of friends can let you down on your wedding day and in the lead up to it. When choosing your bridal party, I suggest picking people who you know will be there for you without even asking. Keep in mind also that these people are going to share this entire experience with you from bridal showers, to hens weekends, to planning sessions and decorating. Having a wedding is such a massive event for you and every moment should be as magical as you have been dreaming of. Pick people who share this understanding and you will save yourself a whole lot of heart-ache and stress in the lead up to your wedding. 



This is probably one of the most important exercises you can do with your fiance before you get into planning your special day. Sit down together and figure out what the 3 most important things are to you for your wedding day.

Is it how your dress will look?

Is it what your music will be like?

Is it how your ceremony will be performed?

You want to approach this exercise in the mindset of -

"if everything else on the day goes wrong, as long as I have done these three things, it will have been perfect" .



It is a devastating situation to be faced with on your big day, however rain has a way of creating beautiful imagery and can be used well to your advantage if you are prepared for it. We 10/10 recommend investigating alternate styling options and lighting to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Simply being prepared can change the whole day for you, because candles and festoon lights look super magical even if your wedding day is grey and rainy.   

Note 1 it is always good to have a pair of flat shoes on hand so you can go wherever you please without long-suffering,

Note 2– get BIG umbrellas for you and your bridal party as photography/videography after the ceremony can take up to 2hrs and we do not want you getting cold and wet right before your reception)



Find someone who is NOT IN THE BRIDAL PARTY to run errands for you and be at your beck and call on the day. Even if you are super organised, it is always handy to have someone who is happy to help out with whatever you need WHENEVER YOU NEED IT.

On the day, things will get left behind at prep locations and sometimes you need a purse out of a car that is parked 1km away. Having that responsible person you can rely on will seriously defuse any stressful situations that may occur. 



Put together just one bag with all of your MUST HAVES in it so you are ready for anything.

Eg. KEYS, money, hairdryer/bandaids/straightener/makeup/sewing kit/bobby pins/hairbands/headache tablets/heel guards/flat shoes/chocolate haha.



Family photos are HANDS DOWN the most stressful part of the day. If you can get through family photos, you can do anything. The simplest trick is to TEXT YOUR FAMILY in the week before the wedding pre-warning them that they will be expected to be family photos STRAIGHT after the ceremony. This way, they wont go walkabout after the ceremony (hopefully). It will make your life so much easier and also save you a lot of fussing and time wasting on the day. 



It is completely okay to be shy and feel uncomfortable having to kiss in front of a camera. BUT LET ME PREPARE YOU, it is a major day for affection.

However, we just want you to know that as photographers/videographers (and romantics ourselves), we do not feel uncomfortable AT ALL and are more than happy to work with you on the day to get the best images possible.

(Note – the first kiss is always awkward, embrace the moment haha!)