chris & annalise

Shooting at Gabbinbar Homestead means we are always in for a treat with the venue - but more than the beautiful setting, these two families coming together is what stood out most for me.

The joy in two families uniting is often something that is often overshadowed by how beautiful the couple themselves are.

But when the ceremony had finished, the joy was not only radiant from just Chris and Annalise, but both their parents as well. Sometimes I think its easy to forget about the fact that marriage is not only just about two people in love, but two families that become united through a mutual love for their children.

I can imagine that as a parent, after serving, protecting, teaching and caring for a child for so long, entrusting that precious gift to someone else would be one of the hardest things to do. However it is a testament to the characteristics of Chris and Annalise, that their families could not be more overjoyed about their union to each other.

I have no doubt you will love and protect each others hearts for the rest of your days together, and that your families will always be there right behind you. 
Congratulations x