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For people who like to laugh, we're not afraid to have a laugh at ourselves.

It's all about you.

Our Values


When I first created my business it was because I loved taking photos.

Today, I would say I love my job because I love people.

I am still surprised at how wonderful people/love is. 

Georgia x 


To fully understand the depth of this value, make sure you head over to our BRIDAL CARE page for all the specific details on the experience we aim to provide for our precious couples.

To give you a small insight into what our biggest value is, I would say that a lot of people can take photos but not everyone understands weddings.

Our team shares the belief that 

"this is  the only wedding you get." 

So instead of feeling stressed and nervous, we believe that every engaged couple should feel ALL the excitement of being engaged and getting married.

We are excitable people.

It is our main goal that we can serve you fully in the pre-wedding lead up and also on the big day. 

Whether this means answering questions you might have, chatting about your special day or holding the train of your dress for your photos; this is what we value above everything else. 

To us, making sure your wedding day is exactly what you dreamed it would be is what we hold as one of our highest priorities. 

It's about you.


As someone who grew up in an Italian family, I believe that to do something better than what people expect, you have to have passion about what you're doing. Growing up like this means that there is no

"good enough"


When it comes to shooting and editing, we care about your images/films as much as you do.

We don't take the honor of being a part of your special day lightly and are always looking for ways to go the extra mile.

We are 'extra' about your wedding day.


When I began shooting weddings, it was kind of like a blizzard with my main goal being, 

"Take some really great images and hope for the best when it comes to editing,"

I can say as someone who is extremely passionate about everything I do, I have realized that the love for this type of work comes in the form of being devoted to the stories I was given the honour to tell.

This means getting to know my couples and making sure that when we send out their final product, it is so personal that it hits them right in the feels. 

I want to make something that makes you feel something.


I feel like this one is easiest put as us wanting to do everything we do with complete kindness and understanding of your own unique dream.

Everyone is different and has different needs and values but we treat every single one of our couples with the same care and priority. 

You're not just a number. 

As much as we are a business, our business is made up of

"people who value people".

We want your experience with us, as a bride/groom the absolute best it can be. 

Some human moments

*getting my inner bridesmaid on with Emily & Taylor*

*making sure we got the shot*

*tulle in an Australian summer is fly heaven*

*my OCD coming out for the 'dress shot'*

*if you're going to take a photo, gotta do it right.*

*I am now accutely aware of how to drive a golf buggy*

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I'm Georgia, 

Humour and food is my love language. 

Sarcasm is my strong suit. 

However I'm like a marshmallow on the inside.

I'm in love with Christ, and my little dreamboat, Abe.  


The Foundation

How I started. When 'I'  became 'we'. And what I love about weddings. 

Small and hopeful​

As all creatives do, I started out playing with one of my relative’s old cameras.  Adjusting focus and only shooting on auto because we all know exposure is a killer.

I had absolutely no skills, no money, no equipment but with a passion that would drive me to learn everything I could about taking photos and making films.

Every holidays quickly turned into me forcing my brothers and friends to dress up and take part in little dramatic films and photoshoots. And as much as they protested, my means of ‘persuasion’ paid off, as needless to say, I quickly became ‘that kid’ with the camera.

Before long, my camping trips became short films, and my special moments, albums that plastered my walls. Even though I didn’t really see the significance in this obsession back then, today these memories are some of my most valued treasures. I think its pretty crazy that just by looking at an image, I can remember exactly how I felt in the moment. 

This nostalgia is probably the biggest element that I focus on in everything to do with my work. I want to make something that is going to make you laugh, cry and keep hitting you in the ‘feels’ for the next 50 years.

So after a while, ‘playing around with a camera’ became paid gigs, and I was the girl who would take on any project that came my way for film and photo. Slowly I began to realize that I didn’t want to just do this as a hobby, I wanted to jump in, neck deep and see if I could swim. In 2014 I would step out in faith and start the fire that has grown into what my business(child) is today. It was a little flame that turned into a bush fire, and now at 23 I can barely contain the blessing that has been poured out on me.

My First Wedding​

Before starting to shoot weddings, I think I had attended a grand total of 2 in my whole life. So when I shot my first wedding, the magic and emotion of two people totally in love pretty much flawed me. I was there to do a job, but when watching them through my lense, I was totally caught in the magic of the moment. It was an overwhelming feeling to see these two young people, totally consumed by each other, promise to share every moment of the rest of their lives together.

Even though I have now been present at so many intimate weddings, this experience is still as real and raw as my first one was. Maybe I'm a sucker for love, but I think with all that goes on in the world, and in life, more people should see what I get to see in people. I find myself more often than not, still surprised by the extent and power of real enduring love. 

Work is life

So after 1,2,3,4,5....so on weddings, I started to find my flow with work and began to brainstorm how I could create the most beautiful images for the people I worked for. Somewhere along the line I managed to stumble across some extremely passionate and talented young people, who like me, had the same vision when it came to shooting. You would think that finding a team who share the same work ethic and love for people would be hard, but I was unexpectedly blessed to run into these enthusiastic second shooters without any trouble at all.  

It wasn't until two years of steady work that I started to understand that being a photographer is about a lot more than just taking photos on a Saturday. Its about day in day out, sitting in front of a screen and making someone’s photos or film, the most magical that they could ever imagine. I realized that it is about constantly critiquing your work and pushing yourself to always get better at what you do. 

The Defining Moment

I can remember being amidst an overwhelming amount of editing and having a specific moment where I fully realized what it actually is that I love about this work,

"To me, a wedding is a moment where you see two ordinary and individual people do something extraordinary. You see that they are stepping out in boldness and committing to spend the rest of every day, every triumph and every challenge with each other. It is a huge commitment to make.

I realized that for my couples, a wedding day is such a significant chapter in a book of doing life together. After this day, they will go out and begin (or continue) to grow together in strength and accomplish their dreams side by side. They may travel the world, buy a home, start business together or have children.

For me, the honour of being at the start is truly overwhelming.

Its a magic beyond all understanding to devote the rest of your life to another person. I love that we get to be a tiny part of sharing this most sacred moment and extraordinary story.


To finalize, I want to say that everyone's story is different and of equal value.

You might not think you've got an epic blockbuster of a story,

but I think you do. 

Whether you met at work, at a grocery store in your pyjamas, or on Tinder, you're doing something pretty amazing.

What you see at weddings is enough to fill anyone up with hope.

Finally, I just believe that 

“love never fails”. 

 Georgia x

the best people you'll ever meet.

not that we're bias

We always say 'commit' to enthusiastic poses. 

Here is our version.


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Now forward, now come back. 


You know, to shake things up a bit


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To liven it up a bit, on 3, pull the first face that comes to mind. This one's a little bit golden.


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"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

- Matthew 6:33




Favourite moment at a wedding and why

There are so many reasons as to why I love weddings. One could be the prep, seeing the bride get emotional before seeing her groom. Witnessing the man tear up or get a little nervous before he sees his Bride walk down the aisle. Or even those beautiful raw and authentic moments that happen between a group of friends/family members that take a split second to capture. However, I’d say my most favourite moment would be when the bride and groom share a moment of love and true raw feelings between each other when no one is watching. I find those are the most precious moments they would hold in their heart forever.

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take the chance of doing what you love"

- Jim Carrey


Favourite moment at a wedding and why



"My favourite part of the day is the bridal photos. Its the first time in the day where everyone gets to let their hair down. A time where people can relax, have fun and enjoy the moment"


"There is only one happiness in life, 

to love and to be loved. "

- George Sand

"Being able to watch the bride walk down the aisle whilst also watching the reaction of  the groom as he sees her for the very first time. This moment is my all time favourite because it is so raw and beautiful, filled with such emotion that makes me tear up

EVERY single time ! "



Favourite moment at a wedding and why

"“No capes!” 

- Edna Mode




Favourite moment at a wedding and why

"Watching the bride and groom say their personal vows. You’re able to see their story and understand why they are getting married.

I feel like I can see their relationship better through their vows and that’s the moment when I can actually feel what I'm seeing."