basic info FAQ


We are located in Brisbane, QLD, and travel up to 3hrs by car. For any locations outside of the 3hr travel distance, our team will require flights/accomodation for this kind of booking.

Our travel costs are $30phr for any driving on the day (to/from the venue/any driving distances between prep locations).

We also highly recommend that when planning your special day, you aim to keep all your locations close together as it not only saves you money on driving, but more importantly, it saves time which is SO valuable on the day.


To make your coverage as perfect as possible, we often tailor packages to your exact needs/dreams for your unique wedding day. This can include adding on additional hours of coverage if needed or adding on extra elements to your inclusions such as more images or extra film content.


To make a reservation with us for the date of your wedding we require an initial deposit of $350 to secure your booking. This deposit is non-refundable as in the circumstance of a cancellation there is a good chance that we will have already knocked back others in the pursuit of your date. Your deposit is simply a booking fee that is an addition to the payment of your coverage. The entire deposit will go towards the final payment of your coverage. Don't stress too much if you are not yet 100% sure of which package you would like to lock in yet. We love meeting up with our couples to talk through all the details of your day, as well as get to know you more personally before your big day. 


Our standard turnaround time is the 2 month anniversary of your wedding date. We don’t settle for less than perfection with any of our projects as our philosophy is “it’s the only wedding you get”. Also, as in any business, Dahlia & Grace has very busy periods of the year and also quieter periods here and there. In saying that, all of our packages offer sneak peek's for your images/film content, so you will still be seeing your precious work throughout this time period.

If we are going to need extra time on your package, we will be in contact with you to let you know the expected delivery date within a few weeks of the deadline. It is ALWAYS the most important thing to us that when you receive your content - it is absolutely breathtaking.


Aside from the travel fee, we have no additional costs for anything included in the packages. If you decide to add extras such as RAW FOOTAGE/EXTRA IMAGES then there is separate pricing for these additions. We do require a $350 deposit for the reservation of your date, but this is inclusive of your final cost and will go towards your package.


As we film/photograph anywhere from 500GB to 1.5TB of your wedding day, we keep everything backed up on external hard drives after your package has been delivered. We will keep this content safe for approximately 1 year after your wedding day, which gives you the opportunity to buy more edited content if you wish to do so. After this year period, we will delete all content and it will be irretrievable after this time.


Do we stay for sparkler exits?

In our experience, after the major formalities have finished, there is very little for our team to capture that we have not captured already, 

For example, during the first 3hrs of reception we will capture

– guests 

- aesthetic details (cake/deco/lighting etc)  

- cake cut 

- speeches (guests reaction to speeches )

- shoe game 

- first dance 

- guests dancing 

- father daughter dance/mother son dance 

Once this has all been covered, there is very little for us to do. Especially if it is a smaller wedding as people won't usually dance for the remaining/2-3hrs.


On a professional level I am not someone who can be on the job, being paid, with nothing left to do. Because of this we usually only stay for about 30-45mins after the first dance and then pack up and finish coverage to make sure we are getting the most out of what you are paying for. 

In saying that, I know how important a sparkler exit is to some of my brides and am more than happy to stay - but if you are wanting us to stay later, we will bring our little Dahlia & Grace portable desk and uploading gear so we can begin uploading the images and start working on them at the wedding if there is nothing else happening. This way we are still able to work in the paid coverage and at the same time if we see something great happening (like if one of your guests starts dancing on a table or something along these lines) we can quickly pick up the cameras and capture it as well. 

This way, if your reception is a little more chill and your guests simply want to have tea and coffee and chat, we will still be able to perform the coverage with full dedication and passion. 


Dahlia & Grace cannot use music connected with any artists who have protected copyrights/creative licences around their music. However we are subscribed to legally use music from different catalogues of music specifically created for wedding videos/creative advertising. If you wish to choose your own music for your film we are more than happy to provide you the website links to the music that we pay for. To request these choices, please get in touch with us ASAP.


Drone footage is optional for any packages of 9HRS coverage or above. It is not completely necessary in all wedding videos however if  your venue/landscape is particularly stunning, we definitely would want to take some time out of the day to film this. 


We totally understand being a little extra about your wedding photos. Sometimes the limited amount of photos simply isn’t enough. If you go through your low resolution album and find yourself wanting a little more edited content, we are more than happy to put together a little extras package for you to accommodate this.


As we can fully understand, enough just is never enough when it comes to your wedding photos. For this reason we give our clients access to their original albums of around 1000-2000 UNEDITED images for personal viewing only.  These albums will be watermarked with a protective filter on them unless you specify otherwise.

Why do we watermark original photos?

There are a few reasons for the watermark on the original images and the main basis is because we first and foremost want the public to view our work at its absolute best. We stand behind the structural perfection of the raw work even without editing, but creatively, there is so much that we do in retouching and fine tuning to make the images their absolute best. It is our wish that when the public views our work, they know how much effort we have put in both on the day and after the event. It is also extremely important to us that if the low resolution album is to be shared online/on social media platforms - that the content is clearly labelled as UNEDITED WORK. This way, the public will never have the assumption that we have produced images for you that look like they are completely original.

We do of course understand that we take so many photos of your family and loved ones and that you will most likely want to print them. Therefore we are more than happy to remove the watermark with your confirmation that you will protect the unedited work and never at any time share the original images on any form of social media. If this is something you are wanting to do, we will send you a confidentiality agreement for you to fill out and sign. 


Why do we time the rest of the day around sunset?


When it comes to sunset photos/film, the question I ask my couples is,

“How much do you care about your photos?”


Bold and plain, that is what it comes down to. Some couples are really laid back when it comes to their photos. They are happy to get a few snaps for formalities and then go off and enjoy the bulk of their reception. But some couples are super invested in their bridal photos and want the most magical photos as possible. As a company, we are super passionate about your imagery – however we do of course understand the different needs of different couples. If you want these magical photos then we highly recommend timing the rest of the day around your sunset. The 30mins just before sunset, as the sun is going down and dusk, is some of the best lighting you will have all day. 


At this point in time, Dahlia & Grace takes up to 35 weddings per year. To be able to keep all of our work at the highest level and provide the best care of our brides/grooms, once we are fully booked for a year, we do not continue to offer openings

(as much as we would like to).

We also, do not book back-to-back weddings.

For example if you book a Saturday wedding, we would not take bookings for the Friday before or Sunday after.

It is our highest priority that we are able to put in just as much heart and effort into every single wedding we do. When it comes to booking, we recommend securing a booking at least a year away from your wedding date. We open our booking period 2 years in advance so we suggest that once you are set on a specific date, you lock it in as soon as possible. April-May and September-November are our busiest periods of the year .  


Dahlia & Grace are open to take any bookings between the months of March-November. Due to being a company made up of many members we do not take any bookings outside of elopements during December-January as we cannot guarantee that our shooters will be in the country at that holiday time of year. 


Firstly, everything we do is edited in house. That means we do not use third party editing companies to edit your precious memories. Every album we create is treated with love, perfection and care in every stage it goes through. Created by yours truly, in my editing station, at home in sunny Brisbane – I put value on every single image we produce.

Every photo we edit for your final album goes through a 3 step process of local adjustments, colorizing and then photoshop perfecting. Not to mention that we have a draft stage – and a final stage of viewing/editing your images. Everyone knows the feeling of staring at a computer too long, and for this reason we do not rush selecting your images or editing them. Whether it takes days/weeks to cull, cull again, edit, re-asses and perfect the final works produced, our highest priority is making sure that when you see your images for the first time, it is a phenominal moment for you.      


In my experience, 2 out of 6 weddings run later than expected due to weather, cars, forgotten items etc etc. At every single wedding we do, we will have a run sheet on the day to keep us on track in regards to getting everything covered in the allocated time frame. Being late isn’t exactly the end of the world, however, if you do run late on the day – our team will communicate how best to work with this situation. In this event, unfortunately being late just means you are going to cut out other areas of your day due to not having enough time to stay on schedule. For example, if you are late arriving to your ceremony, this will push back the ceremony finish time/family photos/bridal photos. As a result of this, you will end up not receiving as many images from that segment of the day as the standard wedding would provide.

In the planning process of this day we have already given you the examples of amount of time we need to cover each segment of your day thoroughly.  (Eg. 1hr for groom prep/1.5hrs for bridal prep/30-45mins for family photos/1.5hrs for bridal photos)   

Therefore, to make sure everything is covered to the best of our abilities we implore you to do everything in your power to prepare for this day and make sure you have help. At the end of the day, preparation is key to make sure you are not stressed on the day – and enables us to do the best job we possibly can for this once in a lifetime event.


As creators and editors, we here at Dahlia & Grace look at your albums with a technical (yet loving) eye. When we select the images for your final album, we choose them based on technical perfection and our own personal style. However when you look at your original images, you will see them from a much more personal viewpoint.

For this reason, we offer our couples the choice to personally pick some of their own images to be retouched and edited. We do this by providing you with your original/unedited original albums, and from this full album of around 1000-2000 photos, you can go through and pick some of your absolute favorites to be edited after you receive your original package.


On the day we will tell you exactly how to stand/position yourself but then to create real expressions/movements we will usually ask you a series of questions to evoke how you and your partner naturally do things/say things - so your photos are true to life.
We shoot with the intent to create realism about our work as every couple photographs lives, smiles, laughs and speaks differently.

We do of course have a standard shot list of details/moments we know you’ll want, but our brides and grooms, family and friends are what we aim to capture most (these are the things that you will want to see more than anything else). HOWEVER, we love to work closely with our couples so if you are creative and have ideas of what you want to try on the day, let us know and we are more than happy to make your dreams come true.


To explain our editing style, we do not have one specific colouring to all of our work as each album differs based on the unique day, lighting, venue and colour palette you choose for your decorative details.

As much as every wedding is unique, we do have a common theme of simplicity and elegance to the certain colours we choose for your album. Lighting on the day is such a mood creator that we strive for perfect light over a perfect backdrop. This entails using natural glows and deeper shadows to create the general feel of intimacy and romance.

Our aim is to create images that are not overcrowded or “trying too hard”, but have romance and expression as the central focus.

We primarily aim to highlight our lovers emotions, facial expressions and moment rather than the exact perfect “pinterest pose”. This way each album is as unique and individual as the people in the photos. 


90% of the time, we do not use flashes or external lighting for photography as personally, I feel it creates commercial/glassy images that are the opposite of what we are trying to create. We really like to use the elements of natural lighting and soft glows rather than hard lighting. However in saying that, there are going to be times where your venue is darker than usual and in this case we would need to use flash or external lighting.


We fully understand that sometimes in the engagement process, things happen and you need to reschedule/cancel your original reservation. 

If you need to cancel your reservation at any time, the $350 booking deposit and package value specified will be honored for approximately 1 year after the cancellation date. You will be free to reschedule for a later date and the original package value/inclusions will be honored as first enquiry. Any money you have paid towards the coverage will act as a credit for any future wedding booking. 


To make your coverage as snug fit as possible we offer the option to add on additional hours of coverage if you need it. We charge $150phr for an extensions on top of packages and this is exclusively so that you can cover more of the event highlights if  you need it. If this is something you would like to investigate then please let us know. 


Although we do not publicly advertise visual art albums within our packages, we do use a company called Visionart which creates beautifully made fine art albums for wedding photos. Again, if this is something you would want to invest in, just let us know and we can start collaborating on these extra goodies.