james & bridget

If you need an example of ‘life’s an adventure’ just take a look at prime example A, Bridget and James.

Like all good wedding stories, there is always something that doesn’t quite go to plan, however these two braved the bush, the fires and the 4WD tracks to make it to the moment they became husband and wife.

Strung up with lights in a boho tent, you could not imagine a more Australian wedding than camping out under the stars listening to Keith Urban. Out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by music and tents, these two finished off their day dancing along as if it could not have gone more perfectly. Even though plans were changed, ceremony times pushed back and travel detours became significantly longer, if the way you two handled this day is any testament to your relationship, I have no doubt that the rest of your marriage will be an easy type of love.

Having only met Bridget once before the day, and James on the day, I would have to say that as an outsider with little info on your backstory, it still wasn’t hard to see that you two are the strongest of teams. With every obstacle done in togetherness, I am sure that this is the type of love that lasts a lifetime no matter what circumstances come.

I wish you all the love and 4WD adventures for the rest of your forever together.

I am sure you will be laughing the whole time.

Dahlia & Grace

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