Mitch & Tayla

20mins is a long time to watch people that you don't know. But these guys will have you laughing the whole time.
They are
"lovers and best friends"

Mitch and Tayla are people that you meet and simply know are going to

be in love, forever. 

They are warm and excited and always up for a good chat and a hard laugh.


When I first met them, I walked away thinking -

"I AM SO EXCITED for their wedding day to come around."

We exchanged emails back and forth over the year lead up to their wedding day and I got to know that they are the type of people who care about everyone and cherish family above all else. 

On the day of their wedding I don't know what was more impressive, the stories from their friends about how they met - or the consistent banter between then two of them. There is an easy humor in everything they say to each other and you can't help but giggle at the shots fired between them. 

We spent 11 hrs on the day filming and every single moment was a good time.

Most people think that because I spend so much of my time editing, I would be over it by now. 

But when putting together their film, I honestly couldn't wait to watch it over again for the 301st time and have a good lol.

You guys have something that I've not seen in a lot of people.

You are the reason we do what we do.      

Mitch & Tayla

"It’s hard to think of words that really describes the pure, genuine and just straight up amazing people Georgia and the girls are,

Whilst professional throughout the day, they bought so much fun and laughter to our day, we got to share laughs and have fun all while capturing some of the most beautiful photos and video footage that will provide us with memories for a lifetime!

The personalities and support Georgia and the girls provided us helped make our day so enjoyable and stress free, trying to explain in words doesn’t really cover or convey the extraordinary work this lady does!

Knowing that the photos and video is the only thing you get to look back on to remember the day for your whole lives is a BIG thing!

As a whole, the execution of our special day was something we could have only dreamed of to show our friends and family and one day future kids...then to receive this extraordinary package and being given the end results of the videos and photos the way it did....



We would of been happy to wait 12 months if we knew that the end result was gonna be as perfect as it is ! THANKYOU for making our day So perfect, THANKYOU for capturing our love, THANKYOU for sharing laughs with us, THANKYOU for your passion for what you do, THANKYOU for making our love story into the perfect picture book!"