nate & ashleigh

There is nothing more wonderful for us than working with a couple who both enjoy every moment of the day, as well as treat you like you’re family.

Literally from the moment we walked through the door Nate’s smile was simply uncontainable. In every moment, from dressing his son to putting on his hamburger socks, his excitement was just radiating outwards and upwards as he counted down the moments to seeing his beautiful to-be wife.

Before I realised it, I felt myself not only just seeing the emotions on every face as Ashleigh came down the aisle, but also feeling super a part and present in the moment. I don’t know if it was just having the best seat in the house for their vows, but wave after wave of this powerful, overwhelming love was simply knocking me around a little bit. You only have to look at these two to know that they are, in every respect, meant to be with each other. The way they look at each other and the way they do life together is a testament to what it is like to find your soul mate, and love them with everything you have.

Although your little peanut was a bit of a surprise leading up to the wedding, it was just one more layer of special for this moment and I can see already that you two will be the most loving and supportive parents ever.

On a personal note, thank you for everything you did for us on the day and for making us feel like a guest rather than a vendor. We enjoyed every moment and had even more fun than I could’ve expected.

Dahlia & Grace

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