& Nicole

We grow up watching movies about 'story book' love. And when we get older we learn that life is a little different. 
Well , I am still a believer in that movie love. 
Zane and Nicole are why.  
"its like the movies"

When someone believes in you enough to fly you across the country to be a part of their special day ,

you know that they can see that you're a sucker for true love.

And I really am the biggest sucker for those love stories.

From our first chat on the phone (a year before the wedding) it was clear to me that Nicole is one of those genuinely kind people who is always down for a good chat and a good laugh (my favourite kind of people).

While we discussed plans of attack for how best to get our team to Cobram for her wedding,  I figured out pretty easily that Nicole is also a sucker when is comes to love. I could tell that she also believes in that rare kind of 'movie love'.

Even though I met them both on their wedding day it was one of those perfect days where everyone feels like a friend, and every moment feels like something out of a storybook romance.

You guys are adorable and I wish you every happiness for your future together x

Zane & Nicole

"Georgia. Was. Phenomenal.

As soon as we saw her creations we knew we needed to have her as part of our wedding.


From helping me get into my dress and tying the Groomsmen’s ties to organising last minute golf carts, she truly was a part of the wedding party.


Georgia is unbelievably optimistic and cheerful and dedicated to her job. We truly cannot thank Georgia and her team enough for the mesmerizing moments they captured."