sam & tyler

Can you even ask for a more beautiful Australian sunset than this?

And even more so, the bridal party that was prepared to run for the perfect shot.

I have been anticipating this wedding ever since I first met Tyler as I knew it was going to be one for the ages.

From the word go I could tell that Tyler was the type of girl who was happy to go wherever it was to get the most perfect photos - even though she is the most chill bride ever.

Having never met Sam before, I didn't know what to expect in the groom who was marrying this down to earth country girl, however after a few jokes and laughs, it was easy to see why they are together.

It was just like talking to the male version of Tyler.

You two have so obviously found your soul mate and best friend in one another and while I am not very often taken a back by a couple, I was a little more overwhelmed than usual.

After speaking to you both individually, it is so easy to see that even though you're both easy going and armoured in sharp humour, you are both so madly in love with the other.

Dahlia & Grace

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