Stephen & Ashleigh

Stephen and ash were a little bit ‘extra’.
"and I love extra"

These two are the perfect example of what is possible when you work on a dream together.


When I first meet couples, I always ask them

"what is the most important thing to you about your wedding day" 

More than anything, it is important for us to know what elements our couples want to see in their final film that will make it

more than just a wedding video.

Usually things like speeches, the bride walking down the aisle and the groom's reaction is pretty standard. 

However when I first met Stephen & Ash, they didn't say anything straight away but thought about the question. 

There was a little silence while they thought, 

And then Ash replied,


I actually LOVE watching my parents old wedding film.

I love it because even though the picture is grainy, the audio isn’t perfect and my uncle shakes when he holds the camera - I feel like we’re there when we watch it.

It is so old school and beautiful.

I love that  during the ceremony footage, I can hear the guests laughing in the background and I love that element to their film,”

After having this conversation, I started thinking about ways we could achieve this candid, vintage vision and still make their film look like a professional company had made it.


Firstly I thought

"Sure, I could just add in the original audio of the guests in the background  - that'd kind of work",

however to me – this just wasn’t enough.


After a few days of playing around with the idea of it, I thought to myself,

"well why can’t we use an old school camera like the ones their parents wedding would've been filmed on?

Sure, it might not work,

and it DEFINITELY varies outside of what usually looks perfect and crisp

but I am sure there is a way marry the two elements together and make Stephen and Ash's vision work. 

We could add grainy filters and sped up segments to make it seem nostalgic and romantic.

I could colour the footage differently.

I could ask them questions throughout the day to see how they're feeling in the moment like a doco,"

And from here I started to juggle a whole lot of ideas to make Stephen & Ash's vision perfectly them,"

So on the day of their wedding, although we filmed everything as we would normally, we also double filmed almost everything on an old school handy cam.


When I went to edit all this footage after the wedding, I got so excited because it looked exactly how I had imagined.  

The footage is a little shaky and our voices are a little tinny, however I am so glad we took a leap and tried this concept as I absolutely adore the final film.

To me it is so vintage and romantic. It doesn't just look like a glossy documentary of a wedding day.

Its something different.

And I love that. 


Through this process I got to know Stephen and Ashleigh, 

and they are astoundingly kind people.

It is always an honour to witness a wedding day and share this moment, but it is such an honor to have people trust you with their dreams.  

Faith is a very special thing, and I feel so privileged to have been able to do this for you guys.



"Hi lovely,
We did receive them, and everything is absolutely gorgeous.

I cry every time I watch the video and Mum is already planning the photo album (she’s into scrapbooking haha) 

We just want to say thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done on our video and photos. It was our day, but we can feel the dedication and love that you put into it, which makes every image feel magical, and the video a dream. We feel so lucky that we found you and your team, and honoured that you chose to work with us as well! 
Ash, Steve, and little Peanut xxx "