Below you'll find some of the most precious moments I've ever witnessed, and also some of the lessons I've learnt about love throughout my travels.

Have a little look through our collage of beautiful human moments, and if you happen to find yourself smiling, laughing or quietly sobbing on the couch, we would love to hear from you and begin piecing together ideas for this special moment in your life.

We’re not looking for aesthetics, we’re looking for magic.

So instead of writing I’m just going to show you.

I’ve learnt a lot more about love through moments rather than words.  

Georgia x



"I've learn't,"

That a man seeing his bride for the first time is the highest form of adoration.  


The way that parents watch their children get married.

This look is what you'll find when you look up the definition of

'unconditional love'

"I've seen,"


That rain is just rain. Love is a fire.

"I know,"


"I've learnt,"

That laughter is magic.


That everyone loves sparklers.

"I've learnt,"


That couples with kids don't take life too seriously.

"I've learnt,"


How a bride smiles when she sees effort.

"I've seen,"


That when a couple have been together for a while, their families are just as excited for them to become husband and wife. 

As much as it is a union between two lovers, it is a joining of two families.  

"I've learnt,"


"I've learnt,"

That lovers are actually just best friends who find each other attractive.


That its always worth the 5 minute drive up a mountain. You should watch your first sunset as husband and wife in the best seat.

"I know,"


That there is a look.

It's a specific look that people have when they talk about the person they love. 

"I've seen,"


"I've learnt,"

That a fathers love is a safe place.

A father puts himself second without even thinking about it.


That love is an art that takes a lifetime to master.

And how, if you take care of it, it appreciates in value and echoes through generations. 

"I've seen,"


That wedding days are one of those rare moments where even the strongest people become truly vulnerable.

Love is powerful.  

"I've seen,"


"I've learnt,"

That when two astoundingly kind people find each other, there is respect in absolutely everything they say to each other.


That the first dance is one of the most hopeful moments you can ever witness. 

Its the moment when you see every form of love in a multitude of people.

Husbands, wives, lovers, friends, fathers, mothers, siblings and people that barely know each other.

It connects us. 

"I know,"


"I know,"

That friends are the best people. 

They are usually people who give you the most crap.

But banter is really just a lot of love and support


"I know,"

That a wedding day is a once in a lifetime day.

You should do what you love on your wedding day.

Make memories you'll remember.


"I've learnt,"

If it’s meant to be, nothing will stop it. Not distance, language, culture or time apart.


"I know,"

That real, enduring and eternal love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Georgia x