junior & vanessa

I am not sure if it was the food, dancing, trip to Maccas or abundant excitement that made this wedding one of the most joyous of the year.

Having their priorities sorted out wayyy before this day, Vanessa told me on first meeting that she wanted to have her bridal photos taken at Mcdonalds to celebrate hers and Junior's special ritual.

When I asked her why it was special for her, she said, 
"Its just what we, in our normal life do together and what makes us happy,"

And from this experience, it showed me how important it is to remember that a wedding day(as glamorous and fast paced as it is) should be a day where you ACTUALLY get celebrate together in your own unique way. 
That way, when its all over, you can look back and say that you made beautiful memories, not just got married.

Congratulations lovers x